Need a content and strategy pinch hitter who'll knock it outta the park, on time, on budget?  Put me in, Coach. 


Strategic Direction

Assessing your current position, determining your profit improvement potential, developing your strategy and implementation plan, through to identifying your critical success factors and the metrics you must be measuring to ensure ongoing success; I can guide, deliver and help you build a better business.


Equal parts seasoned entrepreneur, photographer, writer and alchemist, I bring experience, passion and heart to everything I do.

I'm available for contract strategy, content, event and coaching projects, big or small.

Creative Content

Crafting compelling copy, determining your marketing road map, refining your company 'voice', managing your pipeline and helping your sales force convert leads to customers; I can offer you structured systems, insight and 'where the rubber meets the road' business building expertise to elevate your corporate messaging and operations. 

Working with Kerry was one of THE best times of my professional career - Kerry just goes from dawn to dusk - not frenetically but with great strategic thought and purpose. She was a magical asset - and she continually stretched herself into growth areas.
— Paul Dunn, Founder, Results Accountants' Systems

 Where are you now?  Where do you want to be? How do you get there?


Using these three simple questions as our starting point I'll help you craft a 'real world' strategic plan to maximize your growth potential; determine the best road map to get you there, and how best to measure and manage the critical success factors you need to be aware of, day in, and day out.

How I Can Add Value:

  • Starting with the end in mind, we'll determine what your business will look like when it's finally done, then we'll set about putting in place the necessary strategies to get there.  Together, we'll:

  • Identify market needs and frustrations.

  • Create or fine-tune your business model and strategy.

  • Identify systems failure points and document your key processes. 

  • Develop your operational performance standards, educate and gain team commitment to them.

  • Identify your KPI's and develop a management control plan to monitor and measure them. 

I worked with Kerry when I was Dean of the School at the International Center of Photography. Kerry was a pleasure to work with — smart, thoughtful, energetic, innovative, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

She came to ICP and made sense of our four decades of alumni — how to reach them, how to help form big and small communities of alumni, how to motivate them, and how to enlarge the School into the dozens and dozens of countries in which we have alumni.

Kerry has both an excellent artistic and business sense, a rare combination in anyone in the field of photography and photographic education. She also has a strong sense of social justice and the social good. Her own work as an artist is thoughtful and innovative itself, revelatory and personal about the ways in which we live our lives. I recommend her highly.
— Fred Ritchin, Dean Emeritus, International Center of Photography

 Killer content, tied to your business goals. B2B, B2C, and everything in between.  I'll be fearless in helping you grow.


From sniffing out prospects, guiding them through the pipeline, to helping your team convert and close; whether you're selling products, ideas, solutions or services, I can help you develop and implement an end-to-end marketing and sales strategy. 

How I Can Add Value:

  • Identify and articulate your true value proposition and how you differ from your competitors. 

  • Craft a compelling messaging framework aimed at your target market. 

  • Develop and implement a 12 month inbound + outbound content + social media marketing strategy designed to bring in qualified leads and convert leads into sales. 

  • Review, test, monitor and tighten up your existing marketing materials and campaigns.

  • Identify your prospect's barriers and opportunities to increase conversion rates.

  • Train your sales team in the consultative sales process. 

  • Branding, web and logo design. 

I met Kerry for the first time back in 1997 and since then I’ve watched her make a vital contribution to accountants around the world, through her co-founding of Principa. Her work has always been on the cutting-edge, helping professionals to improve the quality of their lives and the profession. It’s a rare treat to work with someone who loves, and is passionate about, what they do.
— Ron Baker, Author and Founder of VeraSage Institute

Need someone to breathe life into the stories about your unique brand and mission? Pick me.


As a published writer, documentary photographer, and multimedia producer, I thrive on seeking and hearing storylines and presenting them, in the voices of the storyteller, in a way that fits your brand and your messaging, like a glove.

How I Can Add Value:

  • Conceptualize and produce creative campaigns from voice to visuals.

  • Work with your leadership team and employees to develop a messaging framework that positions your spokespeople as thought leaders in your industry. 

  • Creation of communications initiatives that incorporate the vision, mission, values, and strategic growth priorities of your organization.

  • Creation and placement of contributed articles.

  • Create guidelines for employees to act as brand ambassadors consistent with your overall company values and messaging.

  • Create strategy for communicating company vision, values and initiatives to foster internal shared understanding and engagement.


I had the pleasure of working with Kerry on a variety of web/interactive projects as a consultant for Principa. From an agency/client perspective, she’s a dream client. Kerry values good work, respects the creative process, and cares about the success of her customers/clients. She’s been wonderful to work with.
— Michael Ayhan, User Experience + Product Design

Have Voice.  Will Travel.


In the past 20 years I've produced and delivered hundreds of workshops, seminar key notes and custom training programs all around the world. 

Everything from 500 pax Las Vegas events to conferences at the Great Barrier Reef; a private workshop where delegates began their day setting up the world famous Pike Place Fish Market; Alaska cruise conferences; panel discussions live streamed to 60 countries; webinars (soo many webinars); seminars in Sydney, London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Auckland, New York and everywhere between; specialty training programs in Manor homes in the English countryside, or facilitating round table discussions in tiny pubs in two horse towns in the Australian outback. 

Whatever the curriculum, whatever the setting, my aim remains the same... to have fun, to engage, to educate, and to send my audience home inspired to implement the ideas I've shared with them. 

I'd love to do the same for your next event. I'm available to produce and manage your events, speak at them, train your team and lead your workshops, worldwide. 

Presentation Topics:

  • 10 Steps to a Better Business

  • Differentiate: The Customer Service Experience  

  • The Consultative Sales Process

  • Metrics: What You Can Measure You Can Manage

  • Building Value & Freedom Through Systems

  • Marketing to Clients vs. Prospects

  • Building a Happy, Engaged, Loyal Team

  • Client Advisory Board Round Table Facilitation

I came a doubter and leave a disciple!
— Chris Sam, Gowing and Co, Australia